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Hide your real email address. Protect yourself against websites selling personal information. Block emails before they even reach your inbox. Send & Receive emails anonymously.

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Share your Alias

Alice emails Bob's CloakGuru email alias [email protected] Bob's real address is never disclosed to Alice.

Secure Forwarding

CloakGuru securely and transparently forward Alice's email to Bob's real email address [email protected]

Protect & Control

Bob has admin privileges on his alias. He can decide to block any future communications coming from Alice, force encryption and more!

Reply Anonymously

Bob responds to Alice. CloakGuru replaces Bob's real address automatically with his alias [email protected]

Take your email privacy back

Not just a premium email relay, CloakGuru provides additional tooling to control who can contact you

Hide my Email

Automatic anti-scraping shield helping you to protect yourself against website(s) selling your contact information to marketing firms.

Smart Email Routing

Control which address/domain is authorized to contact you. Emails coming from them will be blocked before they even reach your inbox.

Privacy is Paramount

Hide your real email address on website(s) you don't trust. Reply to emails you have received without disclosing your real email address.

Replay emails on-demand

Replay emails you have received from senders you have blocked or while your alias stopped.

Send email anonymously

Start email threads without disclosing your real email address to the recipients. All messages are proxied by your CloakGuru alias.

More than a Disposable Email

CloakGuru alias is more than just throwaway or disposable email address. Custom-built features will help you manage your real inbox in a smart and efficient way.

Full privacy for $0.4 per month, for everyone.

One simple plan, Cancel anytime.


What's included?

7-days free trial
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Reverse-Alias
Unlimited Blocked Senders
Unlimited Anonymous Reply-To
Real-time Forwarding
Initiate Secure Email Conversation
Support for 1-Click Email-List Unsubscribe
Support for client GPG encryption key
In-Transit Email Encryption
SPAM forwarding prevention
Download Failed Delivery
Replay Blocked Emails
Email Support
Maximum Email Size (including attachments) 40 MB
  • $1/month with no time commitment
  • $0.8/month billed yearly ($10/year) SAVE 20%
  • Price per alias in USD. Secure Payments processed by Stripe or PayPal

    Frequently asked questions

    CloakGuru Wizard

    Yes, CloakGuru will ensure your real email address is hidden while sending or receiving email messages. Your secure and unique alias will be used as a proxy between you and your recipient(s), making sure your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are never disclosed.

    Over time, my professional inbox started to be flooded by 100% legit emails (not flagged as spam) for which I never gave my consent (either marketing emails after I purchased something on internet or website I registered which then sold my contact information). To take back control of my inbox, I decided to build a smart email proxy which is not just a throwaway/disposable alias, but instead a smart alias where I could apply some routing rules.

    A CloakGuru Alias is similar to a forward email alias. All emails sent to this alias will be forwarded automatically to the recipient's address. The benefit of such address is not never disclose the real address where the email is forwarded to.


    Yes, CloakGuru supports GPG encryption. CloakGuru will encrypt email body and all attachments using your GPG public key to ensure maximum protection.

    No, we do not offer a refund policy as all features are available for you to test during the trial period. Moreover, the subscription price is so low that payment processor (PayPal/Stripe) will charge more in fee than the actual refund process.

    Alias is protected against spoofing (with SPF), phishing and spam (with DKIM)
    Your emails are automatically encrypted and signed

    We are trying to limit email squatting by making sure you use the alias you have requested. Please note this is a soft limit, reach out to [email protected] if you need this limit lifted.

    Hiding your real email address is considered as best practices, especially to fight unwanted marketing communications and protect yourself from website selling personal information

    As low as $0.8 USD per month (yes, your email privacy start at only 80 cents).

    Yes, CloakGuru can forward emails to any email address or domains.
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